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E-commerce in Spain, Q2 2011: continues its impressive run
Monday 14 November 2011

E-commerce figures once again set a record for the second quarter of 2011: A record turnover (for the ninth consecutive quarter), record purchases in Spain and also record international sales and purchases. The volume of online business once again exceeded 2 billion Euros during one quarter (as in the previous quarter) reaching 2.3221 billion Euros, an increase of 26.5% in the same quarter for 2010. And since we like round numbers, there was a turnover of 1 billion Euros, which represents a total of purchases and sales from Spain to other countries.

Source: CMT

The total number of transactions also broke another record: 31.3 million, that is to say we allowed ourselves an average of 74 Euros for each transaction. There is a decrease in the average value of transactions, but as volume increases the outcome is that we buy more often, more people are buying and therefore, there is an increase in turnover. Below is a chart with the average expenditure for purchases over the last few years:

Source: CMT

The origin and destination of the transactions
The buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet from Spain to foreign countries was 43.5% of total turnover and had a turnover, for the first time in history, of more than 1 billion Euros, up 23% on 2010.

Even so, the purchases made to Spanish websites had more weight per volume of revenue during the second quarter, representing 56.4% of total e-commerce revenue, reaching 1.311 billion Euros. Within this sector, purchases from Spain to Spanish websites (975.8 million Euros) and purchases from abroad and destined for Spanish websites (335.3 million Euros). Below is a pie chart:

Source: CMT

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