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E-commerce is more than an opportunity, it is a necessity
Monday 15 July 2013

French brands continue to relegate e-commerce to a supporting role in their strategy, writes eCommera CEO Hervé Fauvin in a column for the JDN.

Inventories managed in France offer less flexibility especially in an international development context. Brands maximise the chance to boost their sales and profits if they don't only rely on promotional activities conducted in France. The French are not the only ones who love sales; foreign consumers represent a genuine source of profit for French brands and are interested in being able to buy "Made in France".

For that, all that is required is "an effective, efficient and robust e-commerce website to enable them to succeed and to increase their profit source" as well as a willingness to take risks. Brands remain reluctant to invest only a few tens of thousands of dollars in a powerful e-commerce website, by means of which borderless portal they can naturally acquire largely new customers. Instead they continue to offer, for the most part, e-commerce sites that are far from offering the same performance standards as foreign e-commerce sites and against which they simply do not measure up.

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