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E-Commerce Evolution: Process of globalisation has changed in five years - Forrester
Tuesday 23 April 2013

The recent research report "The Global Ecommerce Opportunity" which Forrester made available to E-Commercefacts, outlines notable changes in globalisation efforts taking place in the last five years, with e-commerce playing an increasingly central role in the ongoing process.

According to Forrester, while in 2008 e-commerce tended to be dominated by consumer technology brands, nowadays it covers all categories including clothing, groceries and travel. Big US brands that used to focus on domestic and other English-speaking markets as well as European countries and Japan now place much greater focus on the Asia-Pacific region and China. Large South American countries such as Mexico and Brazil are also attracting increased interest from global e-commerce firms.

Forrester points out that while five years ago international shipping remained limited now it is almost universal with a proliferation of international specialists such as Borderfree (formerly FiftyOne) and International Checkout coming onto the market. Another feature of the new globalised scene is the increasing domination of e-commerce marketplaces such as those offered by Amazon, eBay, Tmall and Rakuten.

Meanwhile, the e-commerce platforms themselves, which were formerly specific to the countries or areas they served are now becoming globalised, with many companies already using a single platform for all global websites. Staffing patterns are changing in a corresponding fashion with central management but local offices meeting the needs of local markets.


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